is an item collection and survival game where you need to avoid facing larger giants. You can become the leader and defeat all other entities. will transform you into a round mass like a living cell moving across a large yard. Your mission is to stay away from the giants and collect as much food as possible to become bigger. Every item that appears in the yard has its own function. Besides the round blocks that can help the entity increase in size, it also has the appearance of cogs. Don't worry, because the character's physical condition is like a cell; it will only be divided into pieces instead of being lost immediately. These branches will move close to the main object. You can take advantage of this feature to keep a part, even the smallest, when accidentally colliding with larger objects. is a competitive game. All participating gamers want to be the leader so they can move freely without respecting anyone. Start with a tiny cell. How to make the character grow bigger and climb rank? It completely depends on your professional navigation skills. Any smaller entity can be collected. This means that eating a small branch of the giants is not a bad choice!

How To Play

Gamers hold down the left-click to direct the main object. You will not be able to see the map or the appearance of other entities. This makes the round more intense because you can suddenly face bigger people. However, players cannot control how fast the cells move. Therefore, you can completely direct the character to move around to confuse the opponent and avoid pursuit.

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