Geometry Dash Breeze is the latest music game version in the Geometry Dash series with the perfect combination of heart-stopping sounds and brilliant images.

With brilliant game visuals and exciting gameplay comes a gaming experience like no other. Take control of an agile square protagonist through countless challenging levels, aiming to reach the finish line while avoiding dangerous obstacles. The square block will always be moving, and your task is to make jumps at the right time to overcome all obstacles in your way. Players are not allowed to collide with any obstacles. Barriers can appear in many different forms, but they all have a pointed shape. Spikes, saw blades, spiked platforms, and the like all cause other termites to await you after each level. Challenges at this level require players to use quick thinking and reflexes. Are you agile enough to pass the levels in the game? Good luck!

How To Play

Please left-click or press the spacebar on the keyboard to control the character in the game.

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