Make delicious cups of coffee and serve customers in this entertaining Coffee Stack game. Collect all the paper cups and follow the procedures to complete!

Coffee Stack is an item-collecting game with unique coffee makers. The challenge of perfecting all the delicious coffee cups to serve customers. The number of cups on the track will need to be filled to meet demand. You will need to avoid obstacles if you don't want the items to be taken and fail. Each coffee maker will need a certain number of cups to be able to dispense things. So, it's safest to just collect everything on your way.

The appeal of Coffee Stack is that it fully shows the process of creating a delicious cup of drink. Players will take turns doing tasks such as taking cups, pouring coffee, closing lids, and labeling. You successfully deliver the best coffee cups to customers to complete the round. Levels will increase in difficulty depending on the design of obstacles on the main track.


  • The process of completing your tasks in Coffee Stack happens in the exact order to brew a cup of coffee.
  • Occasionally, on the track, there will be arms appearing before the finish line. Don't worry; give them a cup first and continue with your work.
  • If you have reached the finish line but feel unsatisfied with your results, you can choose the replay feature by clicking on the rotation icon in the right corner of the game screen.

How To Play

Players hold down the left-click and move the mouse to control the main entity in Coffee Stack. You will not be able to navigate the object up high to avoid dangerous obstacles. The only way is to move away from them! Each collision will take away a cup you have. If all the cups are gone, your round is over.

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