Electron Dash is an endless running game on a magical neon track floating in outer space. Show off your lightning reflexes and go the farthest!

Electron Dash will take you to the challenge of unlimited running on a magical neon road with dangerous holes. The most suitable outfit for this space adventure is, of course, a safe spacesuit. Players will play the role of an astronaut to explore the most unique expeditions. How about a path that can rotate depending on the movements of the main entity? This game will bring you this fun, with blocks appearing from all sides to help players find a safe stop every time. Furthermore, heart-shaped items will occasionally appear on the main track. This is the life of the main entity that allows your round to continue when a certain number of incidents occur.

However, temporary blocks and vulnerabilities will also appear continuously. Temporary terrain may not be challenging if it is short or disappears slowly. Players need to adapt quickly to make timely moves. Precautions should still prevail, so avoid this range as much as possible. Besides, electric currents in the form of red sticks will also be a hazard that needs to be avoided.

How To Play

The main character in Electron Dash will automatically run straight in the direction of the pipe. Players maneuver the object with the following keys:

  • UP arrow: to jump up; press and hold to perform consecutive jumps.
  • LEFT arrow: turn left.
  • RIGHT arrow: turn right.

Pay attention to the rotation of the pipe to promptly adapt and control the character.

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