Falling Dash is an adventure game that gives players a thrill with engaging gameplay and provides a smooth yet highly addictive gaming experience.

This is a Geometry Dash minigame that you should not miss if you are a fan of this game series. You will go on another fun journey through the squares. This time, instead of controlling swinging blocks with different interfaces, you will control a row of moving obstacles to create safe spaces for the square blocks to fall safely without crashing into the obstacles. obstacle.  You will control a row of spikes that continuously move sideways to catch square blocks that safely land on the socks. Don't let the spikes hit the moving blocks, or you will fail this game. Stay away from the spikes and advance into the game as much as possible. Use your concentration and skills to pass all of this game's levels, conquer the challenges of each level, and you will be the winner in the end. Good luck!

How To Play

To control the row of spikes moving from right to left, you just need to left-click.

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