Participate in fierce survival matches with exciting experiences in the arcade game Funny Shooter 2. Pass every level and successfully defeat the boss!

Funny Shooter 2 is a fighting game with dramatic survival challenges. Experiencing it from a first-person perspective will increase the appeal of your battles. This game has the theme of using a variety of weapons to engage in confrontation with the remaining opponents. Get ready to go into battle with spooky but also extremely humorous enemies.

The appealing features

  • Weapons: Gamers can choose from many different types of weapons, such as guns and some wild power-ups. In particular, you can modify them if you want. Combining as many weapons as possible will make your destructive power stronger.
  • Shop: In Funny Shooter 2, this is where you can use in-game money to buy different weapons and accessories.
  • Achievements: Players need to pass some milestones to receive achievements and earn money.

Explore the unique gameplay

In Funny Shooter 2, every time you pass a level, players can improve the character's equipment and skills with the bonus points. Threats are always present, causing sudden attacks. Keep a safe distance from all opponents to prepare for reasonable actions. For each attack, you will receive a bonus depending on the power you exert on the opponent. Upon defeating an enemy, gamers can collect the items they left behind.

Be especially aware that using grenades, axes, chainsaws, and batons can void your achievements!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to look around.
  • The arrow keys are to move the direction.
  • Roll the mouse wheel to change the weapon.
  • Click the mouse to shoot.
  • The G key is to throw a grenade.
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