Geometry Dash Nemesis is an adventure game with exciting action elements set in a colorful square box in a unique neon world.

The game is one of the parts of the famous Geometry Dash game series that players cannot miss if they are fans of this geometry game series. The game begins with sequential block screens that move continuously horizontally at a breakneck pace, forcing players to have quick reflexes to avoid obstacles and robots. ferocious. A special feature in this game that the previous parts have never had. Instead of running and jumping to avoid obstacles and other dangers, in this part, our main character has the ability to attack. The cube will possess a gun capable of shooting down obstacles and robots along the way. Clear the path and blow up everything as you go. Try to advance through the game and complete this thrilling adventure. Have fun!

How To Play

You just need to left-click to control the main character in the game to move and shoot to explode obstacles on the way.

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