It's time to participate in the super fun Escape Puzzle competition in Hide And Escape Puzzle Game, where players experience the thrill of decoding puzzles.

Immerse yourself in a maze-like world filled with unexpected magical elements. Players will take one of the characters on a treasure hunt in a closed maze. With colorful graphics, famous characters, and surprises, this escape game will make you laugh. In the maze, many gems will appear, waiting for you to collect them. Additionally, the maze is filled with numerous dangerous enemies and traps. Your goal is to decode the maze and find the fastest way to get to places with gems to collect. Immerse yourself in the engaging storyline as you unravel mysteries and solve challenging puzzles. Find a way out of difficult situations and witness the satisfaction of successfully completing each level. Good luck!

How To Play

Hold down and move the mouse to control the stickman character in the game to move through the maze and collect as many gems as possible.

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