Horseback Survival is a game that offers a lot of heart-pounding action elements, where you will find yourself in a gloomy and dark post-apocalyptic world.

Play as the main character, Zohan, riding on a horse and starting an adventure in a creepy forest filled with many monsters and dangerous obstacles. The game will take you into the desolate world of a zombie apocalypse. Our main character is being chased by zombies in the forest. You will have to help the character escape from them by controlling the horse he is riding to run forward, overcoming obstacles on the way to successfully escape. Remember, don't stop or delay for a moment. Any delay will cost you. The zombies will catch up with you and turn you into a meal for them. Be careful, and find a safe escape route. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move.

Press the Space key to jump.

Press the Shift key to run.

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