Infiltrate the base with huge vaults and prove your dodging skills in the entertaining game, Jetpack Joyride. Collect coins and survive as long as possible!

Jetpack Joyride has endless challenging experiences waiting for you to explore. The game promises to bring the most stunning experiences to a base with countless valuable gold coins. Your task is to control the object, avoiding all obstacles and traps, to collect as many coins as possible. Other objects, such as factory workers, can be knocked down by your attacks. They will not cause the main entity to be affected, even if a collision occurs. So, focus all your attention on the deadly dangers during the journey.

The marvelous gameplay

Jetpack Joyride begins with a scene where a character breaks through the wall of a base with a series of valuable items. Players will take on the role of this entity to participate in the challenge. You need to avoid dangers like deathly electricity lines, solid blocks of equipment, and random missiles. Don't worry, every time a missile appears, there will be a warning with a red exclamation mark along with the location of their altitude.

The game requires the players’ agility in detecting situations and promptly taking appropriate directions. You will not have any barriers in terms of strength or time limits. Whatever can make the object go the farthest, and don't forget to collect coins to enhance your impressive achievements.

How To Play

The main character in Jetpack Joyride will automatically run along the base. Gamers hold down the mouse click to direct the entity to fly up and release your finger to land. Each upward move of the object will automatically create attacks on the characters below. There is an interesting little hint in this game. Except for missiles, it is very rare to see the appearance of obstacles close to the terrain above.

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