Can you reach the end of this highly difficult jumping game with professional techniques in Rainbow Obby? Challenge now and test your skills!

Rainbow Obby is a game that takes you to the experience of jumping stairs with colorful colors. You will join an adventure with high difficulty, challenging your precise control ability. Stairs come in different shapes, safety ranges, and distances to the next point. You won't have the luxury of choosing which direction to reach, but you can choose to traverse each platform differently.

This game requires players to be patient and meticulous. Every mistake, even the smallest, can cause the game to be unfortunately interrupted. Besides, try to find as many checkpoints as possible. These points will help players not need to return to the beginning if the main character is thrown off the main track. The final point of Rainbow Obby will have two vertical pillars with a familiar checkered checkerboard-shaped destination. Are you confident going to the end with your abilities?

The unique features

  • Rainbow Obby has simple gameplay but is difficult to master. You may even have to do a segment many times to get through it.
  • Some special terrain in this game that players need to note are moving blocks and trampolines.
  • Another interesting point of this challenge is that the character can do funny dance moves, making the round less stressful. You can stop for a while and enjoy this dance until you are ready to continue your journey.

How To Play

  • WASD keys: move.
  • Spacebar: jump.
  • Move the mouse to look around.
  • Number button 1 to emote.
  • The R key: to return to the last checkpoint.
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