An idle but no less attractive game, Short Life, will take you to unprecedented obstacle challenges with unique gameplay.

Short Life is an adventure game with deadly challenges and horror-filled experiences. Will you play a hero? Not really, but it's just a name; don't worry about it. All you need to do is move through different terrains, overcome all traps, and safely reach the finish line. The completion of collecting three stars will help you completely conquer the level. The score will depend on the players’ performances throughout the track.

Short Life includes 16 levels with difficult and even impossible challenges. The interesting point of this game is that there will be initial instructions with some barriers, such as notes telling you what spikes to avoid, how to time your navigation properly, or how to jump over certain terrain. Other objects that appear, such as boxes, do not cause damage to the character. Focus all your attention on dangerous obstacles. They can cause the main entity to be defeated in the most horrifying way.

How To Play

  • UP arrow: jump up or stand up.
  • LEFT arrow: go straight (of the character).
  • RIGHT arrow: return to the back.
  • DOWN arrow: crawl; you need to combine this command with the left or right arrow to make the entity move.

There will be unexpected situations that, unfortunately, cause your round to restart. Even so, don't get discouraged and give up easily. Memorizing the terrain and traps after a few turns will help you adapt quickly and can even train gamers' reflexes.

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