Steve And Alex Skibidi Toilet is an endless 2D chase game for one or two players, where you must outrun the monster Skibidi Toilet to avoid his crazy pursuit.

The game begins with two characters, Steve and Alex, being chased by a scary monster named Skibidi Toilet. The creature has an object shaped like a ceramic toilet, as well as a head protruding with a crazy, creepy smile. Even though it has no legs, the Skibidi Toilet can chase you at a high speed. On the way to escape from the fierce pursuit of monsters, don't forget to collect coins scattered throughout the map to accumulate points, unlock newer player characters, and reach the target. the purple gate before the Skibidi Toilet gets you. Run quickly and escape the pursuit of that strange monster. Good luck!

How To Play

Steve character: Use WASD keys to move

Character Alex: Use arrow keys to move

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