Challenge your knowledge with the charming puzzle game, The Impossible Quiz 2. Are you confident in being a wise person? Let the questions challenge you!

The Impossible Quiz 2 is a fun quiz game that includes new questions and old questions from previous versions. The questions can range from anything very predictable to crazy. You may have to apply a lot of knowledge from countless different sources to complete it. The puzzles in the game do not have a limited scope. What makes the challenge interesting is that there are some humorous puzzles. Players may not be able to guess the answer, but you will laugh when you know the correct answer!

In The Impossible Quiz 2, you can choose one of two modes: Easiest Question and Hardest Question. In addition, the Skips feature can help players move on to the next question in case you want to skip the current puzzle. Your score is still added according to the number of puzzles you guess correctly.


The Impossible Quiz 2 has a total of 120 questions, including questions that are variations from other questions in the set. The game also features two different power-ups, including Skips and Fusestopper. While the Skips feature can help you switch questions, the Fusestopper function allows players to disintegrate the balls. Players will only have one chance with a maximum of five wrong turns to complete the Quiz, and there are no checkpoints at all.

Furthermore, this version of the game also has puzzles that players need to use the keyboard to complete. So many stunning things are waiting for you to discover. What are you waiting for? Try the challenge now! Who knows, you might find some cool riddles to troll your friends!

How To Play

Depending on each type of question in The Impossible Quiz 2, players click the mouse or use the keyboard to complete the puzzle.

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