Escape Geometry Jump is a dynamic-paced game that helps players practice quick reflexes, helping them stay confident when overcoming geometric obstacles.

Entering this dynamic and challenging game world, you will be immersed in an endless adventure full of difficulties and challenges. Your task is to control the block to jump over vertical columns to collect diamonds and get the highest score. When you go deeper into the game, there will be two game modes: short jump and long jump. For short jumps, each jump will move from the vertical pole to the adjacent pole; for long jumps, it will jump over two poles or jump over a gap. Your goal is to quickly jump from one pillar to another before the spikes catch up to you. Sharp spikes will chase after you. If you delay, the spikes will swallow you, and the game will be over. Try to survive as long as possible in the game. Good luck!

How To Play

Time your jumps at the right time and precisely to navigate blocky jumps successfully over geometric columns and avoid crashing into obstacles. Use the right arrow key to control the block to move and jump over geometric blocks. As the pace of the game increases as you progress, increase the challenge and test your reflexes.

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