Welcome to Geometry Loop Jump, a brand new version of the classic Geometry Dash game that is sure to keep players captivated for hours.

This time, your mission is completely different, as you have to control the blocky block around a circular orbit containing many sharp spikes and robots safely. Completing each level in the game forces you to complete a circular trajectory while dodging and overcoming all the obstacles along the way. To complete each level, go around the circle until you reach the end. Every time you encounter a spike or a hostile robot, you must jump over it. Jump to collect coins. Keep in mind that only when you have followed the entire loop can you pass the level and move on to the next one. To avoid getting hurt, you need to avoid the spikes and the robots that are coming out to attack you. The difficulty of the game will increase with each level. That's why the higher the level, the higher the difficulty. Good luck!


How To Play

Left-click to control the block to jump over obstacles.

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