If you are a fishing lover, you cannot miss the game Fishing For Gold, in which you will receive the task of fishing in a large lake and collecting money.

Deep at the bottom of the lake, there are many fish swimming. Your challenge in the game is to cast the hook and catch fish, then collect stacks of money to complete each level. However, pay attention to the energy level you have at each turn. You will have to cast your net quickly to catch the fish before your energy level returns to zero. Complete the fishing goal at each level to progress to the next level. The fish will constantly swim back and forth, so patiently wait for their appearance and fish the fish to the surface to collect wads of money. Now embark on this fishing challenge and see if you can catch the maximum number of fish. Good luck!


How To Play

Use the arrow keys to control the hook, and use the mouse to retrieve the hook.

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