Geometry Tile Rush is an exciting rhythm adventure game with over 30 different challenging levels waiting for you to explore. 

Rhythm in the game is a fundamental element that adds to its appeal. The game features different colorful geometric shapes that create obstacles that challenge your reflexes and dexterous control skills. You will take on the role of navigating a blocky block, moving quickly and precisely around all the challenges in geometric space while collecting stars along the way to accumulate points. To pass the levels, you must avoid falling and jump from platform to platform. This game gives players the opportunity to hone their critical thinking and reflexes by guiding them through 30 difficult levels covering a variety of terrains. Be flexible and carefully calculate the appropriate point to avoid spikes when jumping. Can you pass and reach the game's final level? Good luck!

How To Play

You just need to choose the right moment, then left-click to make the block jump over obstacles on the way to the finish line.

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