It's time to immerse yourself in a colorful and exciting world of music in Geometry Lite. To complete the level, navigate your character through obstacles!

Enjoy your own fun in this exciting version of the rhythm game that promises endless enjoyment. With simple but challenging gameplay, it will definitely keep you captivated for many hours. Guide your cube through vibrant, exciting levels, but be careful—of spikes, pillars, drops, and more. To dodge, even the first levels require perfect timing and reflexes. The game is a perfect way for players to easily practice reflective thinking. The game's pace will get faster and faster, so concentration and sharp reflexes are very important in this challenge. How far will you be able to go with this challenge? Join the game and show us your ranking on the leaderboard. Good luck!

How To Play

In the game, you can control the block by left-clicking or pressing the spacebar on the keyboard.

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