Welcome to Geometry Road, a challenging adventure game about geometric objects with obstacles everywhere that force players to have quick reflexes to overcome.

The game starts with a strange square block that can move and react quickly in this adventure. The game is set up with a vertical scrolling mechanism; everything in the game will be moved vertically from bottom to top. You will control the main character to move vertically and jump from platform to platform. Everything in the game will move very quickly, making it difficult for players to predict. Be as ready and focused as possible to take the main character further in the game. Remember that any mistake you make will cause the square to explode when it collides with obstacles along the way. As you progress deeper into the game, the game's tempo will be pushed to its peak, so try and stay calm to handle unexpected situations. Good luck!

How To Play

You just need to choose the right moment, then left-click to control the square block to jump from one platform to another to avoid obstacles along the way.

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