Impostor Vs Noob is an extremely fun Minecraft-style shooting game in which players take on the role of a ferocious Among Us character to destroy all noobs.

The game begins when you play the dangerous Among Us character, holding a gun and ready to shoot down noobs everywhere through each level in the game. Fire your pistol with the best possible aim, so the bullets hit your enemies straight or bounce off walls for bounce shots. Use your gun to aim and shoot at targets, try out new combinations and tactics, and make the best use of objects that appear on the terrain to shoot down the noobs as fast as possible before you run out of ammo. This fun game takes you through a series of levels, each more varied and challenging than the last. Fight against unique enemies and get lost in endlessly exciting gameplay. Fight hard and embark on an adventure more intense than ever. Good luck!

How To Play

You just need to click on the location you want to shoot to control the character in the shooting game and knock down the target.

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