Geometry Jump Bit By Bit is a completely new game in the Geometry Dash series, with its own unique highlights that take players on an exciting adventure.

There is a very different and very important feature compared to games of the same genre: acceleration and latency. Geometric dashes can be quite annoying at times. That's why we've added acceleration and latency in this version of the game. After selecting a part of the game, the player can adjust the speed of the game to his preference by pressing the 0.2x, 0.5x, 1x, or 2x buttons on the game screen. Here, you can choose the pace of the game and become proficient at each level. The ability to change the game speed can improve the gaming experience and set it apart from similar games. It's especially useful for players who find the game's normal pace too fast or too slow, or who want to push themselves to a higher speed. Enjoy the game and feel the unique difference in this version of the game. Have fun!

How To Play

Left-click to make jumps to avoid obstacles on the way.

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